Product Liability

Product Liability AttorneyFrom design or manufacturing defects to insufficient warnings of hazards, The Currie Firm will tenaciously hold companies responsible for injury or death caused by unsafe products placed on the market. We have over 30 years of legal experience and the knowledge and resources to handle complex litigation against manufacturers. Based in Atlanta, we represent clients throughout the metro area and across Georgia in ensuring that they receive full compensation for their injuries and losses.

We handle product liability lawsuits against the manufacturers and distributors of a wide range of dangerous and defective products, including:

  • Automotive equipment and vehicle accidents (tires, seatbelt injury, defective air bag, broken seat)
  • Industrial equipment and machinery accidents (assembly line equipment, die presses, conveyor belts, feeder systems, etc.)
  • Heavy equipment used in construction (forklifts or cranes)
  • Power tool accidents (circular saws, drills)
  • Elevator and escalator accidents
  • Hospital equipment accidents
  • Consumer product accidents (ladders, lawnmowers, appliances)
  • Missing or inadequate warning label and signage accidents

Thorough Investigation

In seeking damages, we secure design specifications and investigate the manufacturing process. We research any history of similar claims and whether the company issued a recall or took other measures to correct the problem. We also routinely check for regulatory violations, for example: if the product was targeted largely at a Hispanic population, did it include instructions and warnings in Spanish?

We act swiftly to secure the machine, vehicle or product itself and have it examined. We use a nationwide network of qualified experts on specific products and in specific industries to identify defects and dangerous conditions (including inadequate warnings) and prove liability of the manufacturers and distributors of the product or machine.

Compensation in Product Liability Claims

Victims of defective products can claim all the usual damages for personal injury or wrongful death – and in some cases may be able to collect punitive damages as well.

Mr. Currie has extensive insurance defense experience, an advantage we use in negotiating settlements or taking claims to court. If you believe your injury or the death of a family member was due to a product defect, contact us today by filling out the contact form on this website of call us now at (404) 889-5700 for a free initial consultation and case evaluation.