I will NEVER need another lawyer!

Posted by: Brad, a Personal Injury client

Dave Currie is an outstanding lawyer. I was injured in an explosion that left me with permanent hearing damage. Due to my field of business, it was a career-ending injury and very important to me. The first lawyer I contacted was horrible. The initial consult was great but it wasn’t long before I was wondering what else I needed to be doing and where my case stood. After numerous attempts to reach him and few, if any, returned calls, I researched specialized ear injury lawyers and found Dave Currie. After speaking to Dave on the phone for a brief description of his expertise, I fired my current lawyer and went to meet Dave and his team. Let me just say that immediately upon entering his office, I felt amazed at how professional and courteous everyone was. I sat down at a huge table and had 3 people completely focused on what I had to say. Kenya Cantrell, one of Dave’s associates, began taking notes, and was ALWAYS available when Dave was not. She promptly returned phone calls and emails, and followed up with all my questions and even questions that I didn’t know I had at the time. I was also very impressed at the level of communication that I had with Dave.

There were quite a few times that he returned calls and emails on the weekends and days he was out of the office or off. Dave’s knowledge of the specifics of my injury was very impressive. He knew some of the doctors that I have seen on a first- name basis and was personally sympathetic to my condition. He was very honest with me at all times and, if at any point he was unfamiliar with something, he said so, and promptly researched information and followed up with me about it.

Dave went above and beyond to make sure that I knew what was going on and what all I needed to do while we were awaiting a hearing. During the time before my hearing, I had some troubling family problems and Dave was genuinely concerned for me and what was going on. He postponed a few things while I dealt with them and did not hound me into continuing my case until I was ready. He is very professional yet so comfortable talking to you, it’s like speaking to an old friend. As time started boiling down, we scheduled a deposition. Dave walked me through what would happen and gave me the direction that I needed to enter the deposition with confidence. After about 5 hours of depositions, things went exactly as Dave had explained. A few days passed and the negotiations began. Dave informed me in great detail what similar cases had settled for. After many counter-offers and Dave’s expert negotiating, we settled for about 10 percent higher than the highest settlement for similar cases and some exceeding the damage that I suffered. I am so pleased that I chose Dave Currie. This was the only time I ever needed a lawyer and I was so relieved that everything went so smoothly. I couldn’t have asked for anything more in a representative or a friend.

Knowledgeable, Dependable And First-Class Service

Posted by: Brian, a Contracts client

I can’t summarize how thankful I am to have Dave in my corner. I guess that explains why I found him through a referral. You can ensure YOUR INTERESTS are protected by calling on Dave Currie. Not only was he very responsive, but so was his staff. Dave sets the tone at the top and that was obvious in my interaction with his staff. I recommend him without hesitation

Great Law Firm

Posted by: Laurel, a Medical Malpractice client

He was professional, very knowledgeable and always kept me informed on the status of my case.

David Currie Excellent Attorney

Posted by: Charles, a Commercial client.

I have had the personal experience of trying a three-week case with David Currie. His performance was excellent and resulted in his winning a verdict of $1,500,000.00. David’s work is top notch in every aspect of the law, and he excels in the court room.

Excellent Attorney

Posted by: Jason, a Debt Collection client

I currently reside in another state and David was referred to me by another attorney outside of GA to handle a personal matter in GA. In the course of my dealings with him, he was always extremely prompt, diligent in his follow through, and always kept me informed and well advised. He was extremely professional and treated my relatively small case as though it was his highest priority. Nobody likes having to shell out legal fees, but it certainly makes it easier when you are getting solid advice and thorough attention to your case. I would not hesitate to recommend David Currie.

Choose the RIGHT Attorney!

Posted by: Susan Kenny, an Arbitration client

Our company has utilized Mr. Currie over the past several years. I would HIGHLY recommend Mr Currie’s firm. He is very passionate at what he does and unlike other professionals he TRULY cares about his clients and in my opinion puts their needs over his own. We are a small company and with our specific case a negative outcome could have put us out of business in these hard economic times. If you want an HONEST, HARDWORKING, DILIGENT attorney, Dave is the man for the job!

Trial Experience

Posted by: David, a Personal Injury client

Over a period of at least 25 years in my capacity as corporate counsel I had the opportunity to work with David. And in that regard part of my job was to attend trial as the corporate representative. I have been at the counsel table with him in front of juries dozens of times. I can tell you this; he is extremely effective. He is also perfectly at ease in the courtroom and juries see this. I think that’s just about the best compliment any lawyer can give another.